22 de febrero de 2017

Ecos do Sur for English speakers

We are Ecos do Sur, the NGO that works with immigrant people, victims of gender violence, refugees, unenployed people, among other collectives. Our central address is Aaiun Street, 2 (hall), post code 15010 A Coruña. 

We run the following lines:

-Employment, entrepreneurship and training.
-Access to Rights.
-Participation and social activatión.
We have been working in A Coruña for twenty-five years, and nowadays we are also in Madrid and Lugo. We receive economic support from institutions like Xunta (Galician Government) and Social Affairs Ministery, but also from private organisations.


We are writting this article for  foreign people who can't speak Spanish yet. We invite you to take part in any of our programs. Welcome to Ecos do Sur!!